One thing we’ve noticed this Winter is that a lot of you are steering away from the nail salon and are choosing to do your nails at home. Nail polish, just like clothing, shows off your individual personality whether you like to stick with neutral tones, the classic french mani or pedi, or bright, bold colors.
Fashion Friday
And with that, we thought it be best to show you a couple of our fave, LOW COST nail polishes. Yes, LOW COST. These polish brands supply an array of colors and they last long just as the regular brands without breaking the bank. 

S I N F U L C O L O R S is one of these brands. They have seven pages of colors that one can choose from at a whopping $2.50 per bottle! Some of their popular colors are : Cottoncandy, Creampink, Chinagold, Volcanic, and Midnight Blue. 

Another site we recommend is Diamond Cosmetics. Their nailpolishes are fab as well and only cost $2 per bottle! Talk about frugal chic! Some of their best colors are Cherry Tobacco, Chainmail Charm, Oh Tiff!, and Not Your “Hum Drum” Plum. They even have some colors that glow in the dark.

Be sure to check out these websites and let us know what you think. Drop a line below!


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