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Fashion Friday : THE

We all love New Moon. But in our collective Team Edward / Team Teenwolf haze, what often gets lost is the brilliant costume design and fashion you find in these films, which for fashionistas like us, is a real crying shame! So when BFF asked us to drop in for Fashion Friday, we here at Waffles+Falafels didn’t hesitate to pick New Moon fashion as our topic of choice, We hope you enjoy our spotlight on these fashion-forward monsters. And if not, just look at the pictures dammit!

Good news for albinos, librarians and those with deathly low blood circulation- tans are out, pale is in! Interested in getting that ghostly gleam? We recommend staying out of the sun for at least 7 weeks or wearing SPF 5millionbilliontrillion to ensure that pasty complexion, because, let’s face it; nothing goes better with your weekend outfit than a layer of heavily caked on baby powder. Nothing. – Hillary Bankz

Fashion forecasters and tastemakers have long predicted the inevitable marriage between fashion and technology so it’s nice to see the costume department of New Moon really embracing this emerging trend. While still at least a season away from hitting runways, expect to see skin suits like the ones above (in most body types and ethnicities) on the racks of major retailers soon, and don’t be surprised if “abs” becomes 2010’s must-have look for back to school. – Icey Ana

From the bathroom to the runway, expect to see an emergence of the bathrobe hitting Paris, New York, and London in late 2010. Not only does the bathrobe compliment all figures, it encompasses comfort and style to create a look that is hard to resist. Dust off yours and try it with a skin suit today for a truly classic look. – Hood Charlotte

This season, black is the new black, so the less sleep you get the better, because everyone knows red goes really well with black, and this season red eyes are hot hot hot! Can’t function without your beauty sleep? Don’t stress, You can stilll achieve this look by throwing dirt in your eyes regularly. – Hillary Bankz

It’s rare you see a fashion trend held over from a previous season, or multiple seasons for that matter. But when it does happen, it’s pretty safe to say we have the makings of a new classic look on our hands; one that will define a generation. And thanks to Twilight, we finally have it! That’s right, the nineties had the Rachel Haircut and we have none other than… the KStew Forehead! Expect soccer moms to start rocking this soon- OH SWEET SKULL! – Icey Ana

Got a take on the Twilight takeover of the fashion industry? Leave a comment and let us know!


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