Question: What are some things we run to our BFF for?


  • · Advice
  • · Problems
  • · Just to talk
  • · To borrow (take) that new CD he/she just purchased



Other than advice, fashion and style has to be one of the most important topics we discuss with our BFFs. They are the first individuals we turn to and ask “How does this look?” This is why we decided to dedicate Fridays towards Fashion.

Fashion is obviously unique and individual, but it’s always interesting to see what other people are leaning forward to in terms of style.

Honesty is KEY when asking your BFF how your outfit looks. BFF Season 2 contestants, Carolyn & Pat gave us the scoop on their own personal style and what they think of their BFF’s fashion choices:

Carolyn: “I am the type of girl that people always say “That is sooo your style” but I don’t know exactly what my “style” is. I like to be colorful and different but modern. Patrick is super stylish; we have the same taste in style. He does have one shirt that looks like a lumberjack that I love to make fun of!” (peek @ carolyn’s blog)

Patrick: “My style is relaxed but put together. I love old t-shirts but have developed a weird obsession with plaid shirts this year. Plaid is RAD! Carolyn’s style is pretty similar to mine, but every once in a while she busts out this big, flannel Snuggie-like shirt that I call “Roseanne.” I can’t help but make fun when she wears it!” (peek @ pat’s blog)

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