We here at BFF LOVE fashion and we also love supporting a good cause. So when we see the two come together, we know it’s something worthy to share. “Friends for Fashion” is the title that immediately caught our eyes. As we put BFF Episode 9 on pause (shameless plug), we decided to venture through the website to see what it was about.

FFFFriends for Fashion is a charitable organization, founded in 2003, that dedicates their time to victims of domestic abuse. Since then, the charity has funded over $25,000 in donations. Wow!

How they work: In order to raise money, they collect brand name clothing from retail stores or personal donors and place it on Ebay to sell. Their items range from women, men, and children and they sell their items all over the U.S. as well as Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Proceeds from each sale are placed in a fund to be distributed to the victims in the form of gift cards to local stores. Thus, the women are afforded the opportunity to purchase new clothing for themselves and their children as they begin their lives anew.”

We KNOW you have tons of clothes (some with the price tags still on them) collecting dust in your closet. Why not make it a day with your BFF to rummage through both of your closets and donate to a good cause?

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