Episode 9 contestants, Laura & Nicole have taken over today’s post for Fashion Friday. Below they describe their own personal style and what they think about the other’s. Enjoy:

Nicole on Laura: Laura’s style? Laura is always telling me that Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, take off one thing.” I think she says that because my outfits stress her out! I like to wear a lot of patterns, and sometimes mix them together… and the rebel that I am, I don’t like to follow the usual fashion rules – no black and brown together etc.

Laura has a very chic, classic style. We are really opposite sometimes – she likes to pair things with black, I like to pair things with white. I like a more eclectic look and she likes a sleeker look. Somehow we still manage to borrow each other’s clothes, all the time. My favorite pair of jeans was stolen from her closet – please don’t tell her (sidenote: well we think it’s too late for that NICOLE!), because she has been looking for them for months and hasn’t yet found them. I only wear them when she is out of town, which is hard for me, because they make my butt look great.

Despite our style differences, Laura lets me be her audition stylist. She is always consulting me and my closet for her many random auditions. I like to think of getting dressed as a fun game. Some people take it too seriously, but for me and Laura it is just an organic extension of our personalities and emotions. If I feel flighty I wear some feathers, if I feel cool I wear my chucks, if I feel sick I wear something fancy to make me feel a little better. I like to get dressed up and I like to be dressed down – to end this post – I say – please get dressed every day.

Laura on Nicole: Nicole’s Style? YIKES!!!! Since you’re asking, do you know if, “What Not to Wear” on TLC is taking casting calls? Kidding, kidding. I hope Nicole doesn’t read this or I’m banned from her closet for life. I only joke because I steal items from her wardrobe on the daily (except the undies…gross). I admire her style because it can be original and funky, while maintaining a classy look. She’s the type who can walk into sample sale or thrift store, and come out with something glamorous. I don’t have the patience for all that jazz, so I become envious and steal her clothes in return. Shhhh, don’t tell (sidenote: didn’t you two realize you’d BOTH be reading this?).

We aren’t always on the same page when it comes to fashion. I’m usually more conscious of matching color with my accessories. Nicole usually likes to be bold and try something different (or whack). Because she has such a natural beauty, she looks great on earthy tones. She can really pull off the vintage style.

Since my three sisters aren’t around in NYC for consultation, Nicole has filled in that role. I value her advice because she watched Gossip Girl, and that’s the only reason.

This post brings tears to our eyes, … well not really but it really is touching to see how these two gals consider one another’s style.

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