Fashion is what showcases true personality . Personality is one element that brings BFFs together and no one knows this better than BFF Season 1 contestants, Quenna and Rahkua. These ladies have graced our presence to share with us their personal style and thoughts on their BFF’s individual style.

Quenna: Last semester a girl in one of my classes said to me, “You’re always so creative and daring with your outfits. How do you come up with them?” “Well,” I responded, “I get dressed and I ask my roommate her opinion of my outfit. If she dislikes it, then I’m good to go, but if she likes it, then I know I need to go and mismatch things a little more, find more unnecessary colors or accessories to add”. And that’s really what my style is about: combining things in an unusual way. I LOVE color! And I love to do the unexpected, like wearing disparate earrings and hairstyles that my parents think are slightly bizarre. Honestly, I just like to have fun with my clothes, and that’s how I compose my apparel.

My BFF Rahkua enjoys clothes and accessories just as much as I do, if not more, but she’s much more straight laced. By straight laced I mean that EVERY single detail must MATCH. The brown in her belt must be the exact color of the brown in her 4-inch heels, her earrings and necklace must be the same color. That’s overly restrictive to me. I do enjoy how comfortable she is with “dressing up”—heels and vibrant eye makeup—daily. It’s normal for her, and I’m slowing taking pointers. Frequently, however, I feel she under dresses, and I try to encourage her to cover up more, but of course she never listens. Over time, we have come to realize our differences of style and have just agreed to disagree.

Rahkua: I often get compliments and exclamations of disbelief on my style and the fact that I often “dress-up” in heels, elaborate eye make-up, short skirts/dresses, or a dark-denim skinny leg jean, and low cut tops, the works. Lol…I’d like to think though that I just wake up and put on clothes. I do admit that when it comes to putting the complete thing together, like the final picture, I am a bit anal, but it’s a natural thing…like it sorta just happens…but in a very specific way. I love colors and I like to put lots of them together but only in a way that perfectly coordinate with each other. 🙂 And sometimes just a simple gold/black/brown or silver/black classy look is just fine. I don’t ALWAYs have to “dress-up” tho…I love to mix it up sometimes with a funky pair of tennis-shoes and a punk/rock/hiphop look with my own little spin (complete with the zipper earrings, netted bracelets, skinny leg jeans, high tops, and chains!). I’m uniquely me: I can’t even replicate my own outfits sometimes! I love to love what I look like, no matter what anyone else is looking at!

My BFF Quenna is quite an interesting character when it comes to style. I usually would never wear what she decides to but in that same vein, I love how she can definitely make it work for her. From big hair to mismatch earring and bright colored pants and boots, she is truly testing the fringes of style. She also has great height/figure to make most looks turn out great. Though we definitely do not always agree on her compositional choices, there’s always some element of her look that I just HAVE to have (and many time do get, incorporating them in my own way). And all of our friends agree that no matter what we decide to put together, we always go out looking our best! 🙂

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