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First Look:
Beyonce’s Wedding Gown!

Photo: Vevo

When this single lady got married to Jay-Z in 2008, she really kept everything under wraps. There was no magazine spreads, no paparazzi pics…nothing!

Now, three years later, the mom-to-be is sharing some of the most important moments in her life, like her never-before-seen WEDDING DRESS!

Be forewarned, blink and you might miss it!

In her new video for the single “I Was Here” taped at Roseland in New York City, Beyonce takes a stroll down memory lane and shows us personal footage documenting her rise to fame from a young girl to today. And in one quick sec, at about 3:35, the glowing singer reveals a quick image of her wearing her stunning wedding gown.

Watch the video, and tell us what you think!

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