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Focusing on
the Positive

Every Sunday here at BFF, we try to spotlight positive achievements within our community. We help one another as BFFs, so why not showcase what we all can do as a whole to help out others?

Stedman Graham is leading the fight against adolescents and harmful activity. He has created and founded AAD – Athletes Against Drugs. Their mission is influencing athletes, celebrities and corporate leaders in educating the youth towards a healthy lifestyle. “Athletes Against Drugs is proud to be a leader in the fight to save young lives from the devastation of gangs and drugs. Since our inception, we’ve impacted the lives of over 20,000 youth with the positive alternative of sports …

The youth is our future. Let’s do all that we can to help support them, especially those who are in need or are struggling for a better lifestyle. For more information on AAD, visit: Join AAD.

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