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Friends You
Should AVOID

Friends You Should AVOID

A friend can be one of the most important people in your life. But there are some friends who are more like enemies. These “toxic” friends are unreliable, overly-demanding, and don’t give back. Could you be stuck in a toxic friendship? StyleCaster shares 5 frenemies that you should lose:

The Competitive Friend
This type of friend is always finding ways to compete, whether it’s for the attention of a guy, the approval of other friends, or for job-related praise.

The Debbie Downer
This frenemy turns your friendship “into a never-ending therapy session”.

The Promise Breaker 
Constantly breaking promises, this type of friend still expects everything from you in return.

The Criticizer
While these criticisms may come in the form of jokes at first, this type of friendship will eventually become draining, as you’ll always be on the defense against her attacks

The Gossip 
This type of friend is constantly breaking your confidentiality.

While it is normal for friendships to change, some don’t change for the better. To read the full article and find out how to deal with a toxic friend, go to Yahoo! Shine. Don’t let frenemy distract you from awesome friends.


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