Friendship Circle
Friendship Circle is a Detroit based charity with a worldwide network in 80 locations. It is dedicated to enriching the lives of children with special needs through the power of friendship. Their unique approach pairs teenage volunteers and children with special needs for hours of fun and friendship. These shared experiences empower children with special needs, while enriching the lives of everyone involved.

What you may not know is FC has nearly a thousand volunteers from the Detroit area. These volunteers dedicate their time weekly to help FC’s 3,000 families with special needs. These volunteers are also fostering a sense of hope, leadership and unity in an area where double-digit unemployment has crippled their way of life.

On behalf of our 3,000 families, 900 volunteers and 155 schools…thank you so very much for your support.
In Friendship,
Here are a few ways you can participate in our campaign:

1. Vote for Friendship Circle at
2. Post a message to your Facebook wall that you’ve voted and encourage your friends to Vote FC too!
3. Tweet about your vote for FC and encourage your twitter friends to vote FC too! Use and #votefc hashtag! Do this as many times as you’d like, the Chase giving contest runs for 7 days, and we think it’d be great to trade a million #voteFC tweets for a million dollars!
4. Put a Friendship Circle overlay on your twitter avatar 
5. Write a blog post about Friendship Circle and our race to a million.
For more info on Friendship Circle, visit their official website @ :


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