Welcome back to Friendship Friday!
This week we received a question from a BFF fan that really stood out to us, mainly because we’ve all experienced a similar situation in the past…

“Whenever I hang out with my best friend, I feel like a third wheel to her and her cell phone. She’s constantly texting and checking her email! It makes me feel as those she would rather be spending her time with whoever is on the other end of the phone. What do I do?”

Your initial instinct may be to grab the phone from her hands and throw it out the nearest window, but we highly recommend that you don’t take this option.  Instead, address the issue with her!  Let her know in a calm and level-headed manner that you value the time that you spend with her and that it hurts when she cannot give you her full attention. Be careful with your wording- yes, it is rude of her to be texting over the dinner table, but it is not your place to point out her flawed manners.  If she is truly a good friend, she will listen to what you say.  Good luck!

Friendship Friday!

Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Or are you on the other side- are you the habitual texter? We want to hear your thoughts!


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