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Friendship Friday!:
BFF's Night Out

Friendship Friday!: BFF's Night OutHi BFF’ers,
As we were surfing the web, we stumbled upon an article from Celebrations.com that featured a really great idea on a girls night out party. Read below and be sure to tell us what you think:
The girls. They make you laugh, bring you Ben & Jerry’s when you cry and will always tell you when those jeans make you look fat. And when you get together, whether its for a day of shopping, pampering or chick-flick marathoning, it’s always a fun good time.
Chick-Flick Marathon Party
They make us laugh, cry and cause the men in our life to hide the remote! That’s right we’re talking about chick flicks. And there’s no better way to celebrate an all girls evening than with a screening. So when the boys are the way, press play! Here’s how to plan a BFF-film-fest.
* Include a ballot with the top-chick flicks (in different categories) and ask your guests to weigh in on their favorites. For example:
1. Best Use of Brad Pitt in a Film
2. Best Romantic Comedy
3. Best Film When You Want to Cry-Your Eyes Out
* Serve a menu inspired by the winning fillms and liven things up with wine-spritzer’s served in classic soda fountain cups.
* During intermission play a movie trivia game like SCENE IT, or the Sex and the City trivia game.
* Give your gal-pals a goodie bag to commemorate the first annual film fest. Fill a popcorn tub with a bag of microwave popcorn, classic movie candy and a gift-certificate to a local theatre so they can go check out next year’s contendors!

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