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Friendship Friday!:
Studying with Friends

Friendship Friday!: Studying with Friends
OK. So you’ve got a huge exam on Monday but signing on to Facebook or watching the latest episode of Vampire Diaries seems like a much better idea. But let’s face it, Vampire Diaries will not get you an A on that exam, so how can you make studying more fun? Study with your BFF(s)!
Studying with friends is probably the best way to make studying enjoyable. You can study in groups and have friends stay the night or go out to pizza. You can use the same idea and play a game. Great group games would be Jeopardy or Hangman. Set up a point system and reward those who get the most answers right. Make it even more interesting by adding a timer and buzzer to speed up the game and make it more challenging. Take turns reading the text book or even pass along a notebook so everyone takes turns taking notes. At a little bit of color and have everyone write in different color pen. There are many places you can go to study aside from the pizza parlor such as coffee or a restaurant. The only thing to be concerned with is extensive noise or other distractions which can interrupt your studies.
Although studying is not any fun, it can be made a little bit less boring by adding different ideas or games into the mix. Many games are available at bookstores or online, not to mention that you can make your own flash cards out of simple index/recipe cards. Invite some of your close biffles and make an event out of it and order food. Although playing games such as memory or hangman may seem cheesy, you will find that it will still lighten the mood and make studying less boring.
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