Meets World

What is old is new again! One of the classic 90’s kid shows is making its return! Boy Meets World is back…well sort of. In the works is a sequel series to Boy Meets World called Girl Meets World. The series will follow the day to day life of Corey and Topanga’s daughter! In this future world, Corey has followed in the footsteps of his mentor George Feeney, and Riley (the daughter) is about 13 and “on the cusp of whatever comes next in life.” Sounds pretty great, right?? In honor of Throwback Thursday- and the genius that was Boy Meets World and that is Girl Meets World- here are 5 reasons we LOVED Boy Meets World.


  1. Corey and Topanga’s love story was the love story of our generation
  2. Eric Matthews, the hot AND funny older brother
  3. How HOT was best friend and rebel Shawn??
  4. Minkus they one everyone loved to hate… and then just loved.
  5. They ability of the writers to age the characters without killing our favorite show.


We cannot wait for this sequel series, whenever it may happen. We have faith that the new crop of preteens in this generation will love Riley and friends as much as we loved Corey and friends.

Corey and Topanga forever!