Glee's "Prom
Queen" special

After a Air Supply (Principal Figgin’s favorite band and first choice) fell through to work the McKinley High prom, it was up to New Directions to lead the event even though they were protested by prom coordinator, Sue Sylvester.

Dates eventually fell into place. Merecedes found herself without one so, naturally, Rachel Berry took it upon herself to find a solution. “Prom on a budget” including a three-way date to the dance with Rachel and Sam! However, with the surprise arrival of Jesse St. James, it soon turned into a four-way date. Kurt took Blaine even though it had to be under much encouragement as he was still a little shy, and Artie couldn’t seal the deal with Heather even after a heartfelt rendition of “Isn’t She Lovely?”!

The big night came along with big drama. First, Artie and Puck agreed to spike the punch bowl but Sue Sylvester caught Artie in the act. However, Artie didn’t really “spike” the punch bowl. Instead, he just poured in some lemonade just to keep Puck happy! Lucky guy. Second, when Jesse St. Jams started heavily flirting with Rachel, Quinn was not having it! He started a brief fight which was quickly interrupted by none other than, Sue Sylvester. Later, Quinn confronted Rachel and it was dead obvious that feelings were still lingering (this is going to lead to some great duets!).

The Prom King and Queen title announcements also held their fair share of drama. Karofsky was the proclaimed King but, in a sad joke, Kurt was named Queen. After leaving the prom in tears, he was encouraged back to the dance by Blaine and gave one heck of speech opening with “Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton” and continued to win the crowd over as he stood up for himself in front of his peers. We LOVE it!!

Needless to say, great episode. Check out Rachel and Jesse’s duet of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”!

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