Grace Potter
at the Beacon

This weekend one BFF worker went to go see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals in concert at the historic Beacon Theatre in New York. The opening act was a funky band out of Connecticut called the Step Kids. They got the crowd pumped for Grace Potter with a funky drum beat and a crazy light show. The band wore all white so they lights were literally everywhere. Grace Potter and her band came on stage and brought down the house. They started the show with a few of her slower songs, once they started into “Stop The Bus” the show took a turn for straight rock and roll. Grace Potter is really one of a kind in the music world. Not since Hart has there been a strong, female band of a rock and roll band. At the end she brought Warren Hayes onto stage to play a cover “Gimme Shelter.” The Encore was incredible, everyone in the crowd was loving it. If you get the chance to see Grace Potter in your town, we strongly recommend you go!