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Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

With another season of “Glee” brightening our Tuesday nights and Halloween just around the corner, it seems high time for a Halloween costume how-to for one of TV’s great anti-heroes, McKinley High’s cutthroat cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester.

This costume is easy in that it only needs three or four components (as few as two, if you happen to have short blond hair). To keep costs down, scour the thrift stores, consignment shops and, if time permits, eBay.

What You Need:

  • Short Blond Wig (optional)
  • Track suit
  • Bullhorn
  • Stopwatch

The Hair
If you’ve got natural short locks, part it on the left side and feather the sides, setting it lightly with spray (it’s OK if the “feathers fall a bit). Otherwise, get an inexpensive short blonde wig.

The Clothes

All you need is a track suit. A brand new Adidas track suit with stripes down the arms and legs like Sue wears will set you back about $80, so you may want to dig around for a good used one. The color doesn’t matter much — Sue wears a rainbow of different track suits in black, red, blue, you name it. What matters are the stripes, and that the top and bottom match.

The Accessories
A bullhorn is a must, and can be found for $10-25 (or less, if you can score one used). Use it to berate your friends and intimidate people. If you really want to push it, grab a stopwatch to complete the ensemble.


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