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Costume Ideas

This Halloween we are pretty sure that there will be many Twilight Fans who will be dressing up like like their favorite character from the popular Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. If you are looking into dressing up as Miss Bella Swan, then you have come to the right place!
For Halloween 2010 there are two different dresses that girls have available to wear. The first is the pretty blue Dress that Bella wore at the Prom in the First Twilight Movie. 
Halloween Costume Ideas
The second Dress of course was the green dress that Bella wore at her 18th Birthday Party in the Second Movie, New Moon.
Halloween Costume Ideas
You can find similar dresses to the ones on top at your local department store or on eBay for less than $100! It doesn’t matter which dress you pick, add a Bella Wig and some Twilight Jewelry Accessories and you will be good to go. Now all you need is someone to dress up like Edward or Jacob 😉

Tell us, who will you be dressing up as this Halloween?

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