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You and your BFF have your costumes set but now the question remains, WHERE will you get to show them off? You’re over the trick-or-treating phase and dressing up to class doesn’t seem all that fun. What can you do? Throw your own Halloween Party! With tips provided by Celebrations.com, you’ll be able to scare your guests but not your budget.

Halloween Party Ideas
  • Instead of splurging on printed invitations, invite your guests using customizable online invitations. It may not be as formal as mailed invitations, but will save you both time and money. You can easily manager your RSVP list and communicate with guests. (If you and your friends are on Facebook, you can even create a Facebook event page to ensure that your friends are in the know!)
  • Use What You Have – The easiest way to avoid blowing your budget on themed party ware is to use what you have. Guests won’t notice if hors d’oeuvres are served on a Halloween platter or a plain, white serving dish. Plain serving dishes can be dressed up with festive touches such as a sprinkling of candy corn or crushed cookie “dirt”.
  • Make a List and a Budget – Decide ahead of time what you will need to throw your party. You might find that you can recycle decorations you’ve used before. Sticking to a list and budget will prevent impulse buys and over-spending.
  •  Decoration – The easiest and most fun way to decorate for a Halloween party at home is with a Haunted House theme. Gory is in the details, so think of ways you can lend a spooky touch to just about anything from faux spiders on the bathroom soap pump to cobwebs stretched over framed family photos.
    • Make hand streaks using fake blood on medicine cabinet mirrors, shower tiles, smooth windows and on any large mirrors (anything easily clean-able) you might have in your home.
    • Sneak spiders and mice in unexpected places, such as in a bowl of candy.

For more ideas on how to make your Halloween party a hit, head over to Celebrations.com!


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