Happy April
Fool's Day!

We all know April 1st brings a bundle of pranks with it! But.. Can you tell us which of the below three stories is true??

With Rebecca Black’s new fame helping her cash-in, she’s decided to invest her fortune wisely in an entertainment website. In a press release today, Black was named owner and CEO of Funny or Die. Black states, “Friday belongs to me, and now Funny Or Die belongs to me.” Congrats, Rebecca! You sure know how to be smart with your money!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will be given more money to appear at a University event than a Pulitzer Prize winner. Author and Pulitzer Prize winner, Toni Morrison, will deliver the commencement address at Rutgers University in May. While Snooki will be given $32,000 for her Q&A appearance, Morrison will be given $30,000. We like you, Snooki, but what has reality TV done to our society?

Mariah Carey is in labour! After a close-call earlier this week, Nick Cannon literally ran out of his 92.3 radio show this morning to hop on the first plane to Los Angeles for the birth of his twin babies! Nikki Hesse, Cannon’s on-air colleague, added, “We just spoke to him on the phone. He’s going to airport right now bc she’s in L.A… Confirming news from Nick Cannon… It’s time!! He’s on the way to airport. He is keeping us updated throughout the rest of show. Stay tuned for an update.”

So.. thoughts on which one was actually true???

If you guessed our favorite Jersey Shore girl, Snooki, you’re right! Although Mariah Carey giving birth threw us off a little, the buns are still in the oven! However, Snooki IS getting paid more to visit Rutgers than a Pulitzer Prize winner. Good for her but really?!

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