Father's Day!

Father’s day is just a few days away so we have come up with some fun ways to celebrate and honor the man who gave you life!  The weather is forecasted to be beautiful so take advantage of the sun and spend the day outdoors.  Start the morning off with breakfast in bed.  Nothing puts a Dad in a better mood than waking up, after having slept in, to the smell of sizzling bacon!  Next we suggest getting outside with Dad to do something he loves.  Have a catch, hit some golf balls, take a walk…anything he wants, just forget technology, a day without your cell phone will let him know how devoted you are to spending time with him!  Do a barbecue for dinner, serve your Dad is favorite food while you relax together and create new memories.  And then end the day by going out with your Dad to get his favorite ice cream.  Keep things old school and we guarantee it will be his best fathers day yet!

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