Have You
Ever … ?

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation where you had a couple of friends get into an argument and they made you choose between them?

I know a lot of us here at BFF have. If you are currently going through this, or have gone through this situation then we know your pain. It’s bad enough being stuck in the middle, but then the fear also arises as you start to wonder, if you don’t pick, then what if either one of them stop talking to YOU?

Unfortunately we all must come to the conclusion that not all friendships last. When this happened to me during high school, I took the bigger route and decided not to choose between my friends. They would have to understand that I am not a part of their quarrel and if they were my real friends, they wouldn’t allow me to choose.

In order to make them feel that I wasn’t choosing one over the other, I’d plan my time accordingly with each friend. For example, I’d hang out with “Bob” for one weekend, and “Melissa” the next. As I hung out with each of my friends, I’d also try to get to the root of their problem with one another to see if it was solvable — trying to be a mediator of sorts. As time grew on, “Melissa” and “Bob” did learn to forgive one another, but their friendship wasn’t the same. I’m glad I have them in my life though because rather than force me to choose, they learned to enjoy one another’s company for the sake of me.

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