Whoever thought they saw the last of Chris Medina from American Idol was wrong.

Chris Medina was sent home during one of the finalist cuts in Hollywood after a tearful goodbye by the judges. Even though he is a difficult one to forget, if you do – maybe the heartfelt story of sticking by the love of his life through the absolute worst of times helps ring a bell. Well… we are so happy to hear that he released his first single, ALREADY! It’s only been a couple of weeks but this special guy is making his dream come true for him and his wife, as proceeds help pay for medical costs.

Rodney Jerkins, famed music producer, was inspired after he heard the story of Chris Medina and the tragic accident that severly injured his wife days before they were supposed to get married. Jerkins wrote “What Are Words” for Medina, a song written after the aspiring singer’s own words and emotions.

Listen to Chris Medina’s new single, “What Are Words”, below and let us know what you think!

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