Fashion Guide

Looking chic while eating a lot of food is a delicate balance to find in your wardrobe. We are here to help you!  These suggestions will keep you feeling comfy and looking cute no matter what your holiday entails.


Visiting a Significant Others Parent’s

The wrap dress is effortlessly cute and polished, and allows you to eat as much turkey and pie as you want!


Hanging with Family

Leggings, a big sweater, and some flats. Cover up that inevitable food baby and look good while doing it. Showering is optional (your family has to love you…even if you’re stinky!) and flats are a must, easy to kick off and take a mid day nap.



With your friends laid back chic is always a good call, basically what you would wear to a casual dinner party any other night of the year. Jeans (with some give), a cute top, a blazer, and some ankle boots. We love Bar’s look!



Happy Thanksgiving!