We love seeing celebrities hanging out with each other off set. Check out some of Hollywood’s famous best friends and see what they have to say about each other..

According to OK! Magazine, when asked who Vanessa was spending Valentines Day with she replied, “Brittany Snow! She is amazing. She is very loyal and true to herself”.

“We don’t usually have many people whom we can call when we are down. For me those people are my mother and Jennifer” –Courteney Cox.

Selena on Regis and Kelly : “The reason why Taylor and I are best friends,” she said, “is because we have the same mentality about the whole industry. We’re very lucky; we’re very blessed, but we’re not going to let it stop us from being normal. We go to the movies. We go to dinner. We go get yogurt; we hang out. It doesn’t really stop us. We’re very appreciative of our fans. We’ll stop and take pictures.”

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