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Horrible Houseguests
of 90210!

I couldnt help but notice all the awful houseguests on TV this week. Know what else? They all seem to be hanging out in Beverly Hills.

Heinous Houseguest #1 — Cedric Martinez from The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills fame. That guy really had it OH SO good! As the permanent house guest at the VanderPump’s Berverly Hills multi-million dollar mansion, Cedric’s only job was working on his tan, hanging out with the adroable Jiggy, and arranging some white flowers at the VanderPump restuarant Villa Blanca. Not bad if you ask us!

But Cedric revealed his true colors, when asked to leave the mansion after mooching off the couple for more than a year.

According to Us Magazine, when Lisa and her husband Ken confronted Cedric about his freeloading ways, Cedric quickly turned evil. “[Cedric] said, ‘I’m not asking for money, but I haven’t got any, and I’ve been offered to sell my story to magazines. I can say anything I want,” Ken explained. According to reports, Cedric then tried to blackmail the couple!

Some thank you! Next time, just send a fruit basket!

Heinous Houseguest #2 — Emily is the newest guest visiting the famous zip code on 90210. This Kansas girl comes to town for an extended visit with her cousin’s Annie & Dixon, and instantly something seems off. This overly bubbly visitor has something brewing.

A quick trip to the salon, and suddenly we are in a “Single White Female” sitch. And Annie knows it! First Emily steals her style, then she moves in on to her friends. Emily works overtime to turn Annie’s besties against her — and she does a pretty good job of it.

Watch out cause Emily’s definitely gonna be stirring up more trouble for Annie!

So what’s happening in Beverly Hills that’s making some houseguest go mad? Tell us what you think!

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