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"How my BFFs Made Me
Who I am" by Joanna Philbin

"How my BFFs Made Me Who I am" by Joanna Philbin
When I was twelve years old, my life utterly changed. I started going to an all-girls school. I didn’t know what to expect, because I’d never gone to school JUST with girls. I was a little worried – would I make a BFF
Actually, I made a whole bunch of BFFs. The friends I made in seventh, eighth, and ninth grade not only became my friends for life, but they helped me become the person I am today. My friend Christina taught me how to be fearless. My friend Mariah taught me how to laugh at myself. My friend Laura taught me how to be friends with guys. My friend Charlotte taught me how to push myself to achieve. These girls were wildly different from one another, but bonded by an overwhelming sense of loyalty and love. These girls brought me out of my shell, taught me to be brave, and reminded me that I would always be appreciated for who I was. And now whenever I go home to New York, there are always dinners and lunches where we get together, catch up, and laugh until we almost can’t chew our food.
"How my BFFs Made Me Who I am" by Joanna Philbin
It was these friendships that inspired me to write my new YA (Young Adult) series, The Daughters. The lead characters are fourteen year-old BFFs who all have one important thing in common: each of them is the daughter of a super-famous parent. They may not be exactly alike, but they see each other through all the highs and lows of living part of their lives in the glare of the public eye, and inspire each other to keep going. 
That’s what my friends did for me when I was fourteen.  And they still do it for me today.  
– Joanna
Do you feel the same way? Has your BFF inspired you to do things you thought you’d never be able to do? Share with us with a comment below!

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