How to Keep
in Tip-Top Shape

When we think of exercise or keeping fit, we tend to see it as a tremendous task. Keeping healthy is so important to the well-being of ourselves, especially as we get older. So to make this “task” turn into some fun, we’ve gathered a few easy ways for you and your BFF to stay healthy and fit.

1. Belt it out Baby
You don’t have to be a superstar to enjoy the benefits of singing. Singing increases oxygen flow, which does wonders for your skin and immune system, as well as your brain! You can sing in the shower in the morning or along with your ipod.

2. Write in a blog
Writing down thoughts and feelings about things in your life, can have amazing affects on your immune system. It sounds crazy, but through honest blogging, you are able to more effectively solve problems in daily life. With less worry, you have less stress, which results in a stronger immune system. While blogging, you can write anything you want. And don’t worry about privacy, many blogging sites such as Blogspot, offer settings in which you can either keep your posts public, private, or allow only a number of certain people to read.

3. Laugh
No one will disagree that everything gets better when you’re able to just forget your problems and LAUGH. If this seems easier said than done, then bring the laughter to you. Watch funny movies or spend more time with the friends that make you laugh. Let’s face it, laughter just makes you feel good.

4. Eat more often
There is so much pressure out there to watch what you eat. Skipping meals isn’t just ineffective for losing weight, it can be dangerous. Even if you shed a few pounds by eating less, your body goes into starvation mode, which in turn slows down your metabolism, which isn’t exactly an easy thing to bounce back from. Food should be thought of as fuel for your day. Before you go out, just grab a handful of something. Eating five small meals a day can keep your energy up and help you accomplish more in a day than you thought possible.

Some Quick and Healthy Snack: Fudge Pops, Tropicana Fruit Juice Bars, apples (plain or with reduced fat peanut butter), Oranges, Frozen bananas or strawberries, Baby Carrots (plain or with low fat ranch dip).

5. Kick it with your friends
By surrounding yourself with people that share your interests, latest crush, and deepest darkest secrets, you may be pleased to know that you are also significantly reducing stress and increasing endorphins. Not only is that essential in health, but for personal happiness as well.

6. Shake that booty!
Now when I say dance, I’m talking, “let it all hang out”, Napoleon Dynamite style! By turning on some music and finding your beat (understandably not the same for everyone), you’re not only forgetting all about the embarrassing things you did today, you’re going all out and embracing all your flaws while still getting a great cardio workout.

7. Do something you love
When you participate in the things you love, you are re-energizing not only your body, but also your creative aptitude. You alert your senses and decrease your stress and worry, which helps you maintain a healthy outlook on life. This can be anything you like, such as scrap-booking, painting, reading, and any hands on activity that you enjoy that engages your imagination.

Got some tips to share? Tell us with a comment below!

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