How to Live
with Your Best Friend

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How to Live with Your Best Friend
by Traci Lee 
How to Live with Your Best Friend
“Playing house” on the playground in second grade is one thing, but living with your friends is another.
Some people will warn you against rooming with your best friends in college but others say it’s no big deal.
In my experience, there are important do’s and don’ts:
The key to successfully living with friends is to make sure you’re not spending twenty-four hours a day with each other. 
If you spend all day together, what will you have to talk about when you come home?
It’s good to keep company with different people so you are not all sharing the same friends.
Having friends in common is nice, but if you share all of the same friends, that’s just a recipe for unnecessary drama.
Good communication is also important, not just for living situations but in all relationships.
When you’re living with someone, it’s much easier to find their annoying habits more aggravating than you normally would on a day-to-day basis, but try not to bottle it up or engage in passive aggressive behavior. 
Talk openly without sounding like you’re accusing one another, and make sure you don’t take criticisms as a personal attack.
Living with your friends is a lot more work than it seems, but when the situation is handled right, it can be the best experience.

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