It was a night of tributes to our American Idol finalist’s personal idols and after watching the top 13 American Idol finalist perform Wednesday night, we weren’t surprised to see who ended up in the bottom three. Karen, Ashton, and Haley were asked to patiently wait to see who would be ending their dream journey last night before millions of viewers.

Our critique?

Haley: Incredible voice but not so in tune with who she could REALLY be! This 20-year-old could be a ball of fire but she chooses to stay simple. This week, she sang “Blue” which was beautiful and showed a soft side of her but we would really like to see some more passion, for sure! Ok.. and a little more daring fashion to match your age!

Ashton: Our Wild Card singer just didn’t pick the right song this week. As she dove into Diana Ross’ “When You Tell Me That You Love Me”, we didn’t see her reach her full extent. Not our favorite performance but we still love you!

Karen: After singing Selena’s “I Could Fall In Love”, it left us wishing for more. It was just ok. We know you can belt it, girl, let’s see you use those pipes!

The elimination concluded with Ashton singing her Diana Ross version of “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” and, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the judges to save her so she was sent home. Keep chasing those dreams, Ashton!

Check out Ashton’s last performance on American Idol below:

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