We cannot get enough of Instagram!  The app has definitely won the social media preference award in our books!

To capture all your summer moments we have come up with a fun “Instagram Challenge”.  Don’t worry though…as far as challenge’s go this is a fun one!

To play: follow our guide of what to Instagram each day!

Day 1: favorite food

Day 2: a smile

Day 3: morning sky

Day 4: favorite color

Day 5: animals

Day 6: something funny

Day 7: books

Day 8: artwork

Day 9: where you sleep

Day 10: nighttime

Day 11: clothing

Day 12: something you’ve created

Day 13: self portrait

Day 14: your best friend

Have fun with it and don’t forget to tell your BFF’s to join in on the challenge!

Post your Instagram Challenge pictures on our facebook

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