Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is coming up!  Save the date…August 5th!

What is International Friendship Day?  Originally started by Hallmark as a day to celebrate friendships by sending cards, it has since set the platform for the World Friendship Crusade.  A foundation that promotes friendship and fellowship among all human beings, regardless of race, color or religion.

Looks like Hallmark had the right idea!

How can you celebrate International Friendship Day?

We love the card idea, but try making it yourself!  DIY projects are fun and the effort you put in shows that you care!

Expand on the international aspect of the day!  Organize a dinner for all of your friends and try a new ethnic cuisine!

Make your friends a groovy music playlist of all your favorite songs!  Listening to it will remind you all of past memories together and hopefully make new ones as well!

Have a great International Friendship Day! Don’t forget to tell us about your special plans on our facebook page and to post pictures of you and your friends on our instagram @bfftv


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