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Is Demi Moore
After Zac Efron?

In the months before her recent hospitalization, Demi Moore was partying hard and apparently doing her best to keep her sexy image in tact.

Enter Zac Efron.

The 24 year old New Years Eve star is good friends with daughter Rumer, and apparently, Moore loves to flirt and party with the hunky actor.

An insider revealed that Moore “tracked down” Efron at a party in L.A.’s Venice neighborhood, adding,” She seemed out of her mind at this party.”

“She calls him and texts him a lot, but he’s not interested at all,” a source claimed. “He thinks she’s a creepy cougar.”

According to Us Weekly, Demi has been on downward spiral for some time. The 49 year old actress is obsessed with “staying young and thin” and tries to surround herself with young people to boost her self esteem.

Not a good strategy if you ask us.

Now, we know Demi has a history with younger men, but do you really think she was hitting on Zac — or is this all just tabloid chatter?

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