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Is Kim Getting
The Wedding Jitters?

Absolutely not! Kim Kardashian isn’t getting any last minute jitters or cold feet. When asked at the Kardashian Kollection launch party in Hollywood if she was feeling any nerves she responded, “Everyone says you’ll freak out, but I’m totally calm. I think that freak-out moment kind of already passed,”

Kim, who plans on staying with her family the night before, accepted a little advice from married sister, Khloe, for her big day. “Someone told me that, at your wedding, take your husband and stand in a corner and just kind of be quiet and look and enjoy the presence of all of it,” Khloe said. “I really appreciated that, because it goes so fast. It’s kind of nice to take five minutes for yourselves.”

The anticipation of seeing what the wedding will be like and who will be in attendance is amping up!

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