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Is Rob Too Tough
On Scott? Kardashian Drama!

Why is Scott Disick still such a touchy subject for the hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians? In a recent clip that just surfaced for Sunday’s episode, Rob gets into a minor argument with Kourtney about her baby daddy, boyfriend. Rob goes over to Kourt’s house unannounced, yet at the same time, complains to her about having a stomachache. Kourt tells Rob to lay off the drinking, however, he reacts by saying, “The reason I don’t come over here is because of Scott. He’s an alcoholic!” Rob shoots back. “He’s a negative person in my life. Like, [he] has a kid. Show me that you’re mature and show me you’re mature enough to have a kid with my sister.”

Despite Scott’s recent rehab and therapy sessions, it seems that he has come along away and is staying out of the press’ negative light. He has even managed to “win” over Kris Jenner’s affection.

Do you think Rob is overreacting?

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