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The host of BFF Season 2, Jake Hurwitz, shares how he and his BFF Amir first met. Check it out:

As the host of BFF I feel like I’m supposed to be a resident expert on all things friend related. I’m certainly not, but I do have a story of how I met my current best friend.

When I was 21 I moved to New York City to go to Hunter College and become an intern at CollegeHumor.com. There, I met a ton of quick, smart, super funny people- needless to say I was incredibly intimidated. I didn’t talk for the first six months. Finally I started to be less shy around the office and sure enough, my coworkers showed me another one of their traits- they were accepting. Our office had grown considerably since I started and in the spring we moved our location to a bigger space in Union Square. There, our seating assignments left me across from a guy named Amir.

Amir and I had always gotten along, I thought he was the funniest person in the office. In August, as a birthday present, my dad bought me a digital camera. Amir and I were constantly joking around in different, strange characters, so it seemed natural that once I had a camera we began to record it. That first video back in August has since grown to over 200 videos. And it’s gone from an after work hobby to practically a full time job with radio, magazine and television appearances as well as a national college tour. I’d brag about it if I could believe it were happening.

So when I got the opportunity to host BFF, and they offered me another opportunity to film a Jake and Amir video on the set, I was pumped. I made a lot of new friends while shooting BFF, and the prospect of having my CollegeHumor world and my MySpace world merge was awesome. All my new BFFs and my old BFF got along great, and I think the video turned out pretty well too.

Check it out” :

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