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Jason DeRulo
Loves BFF!

Thank you to DERULO DAILY for this great piece on our BFF Bracelets initiative!
Jason DeRulo Loves BFF!
Jason is showing his patriotism with BFF bracelets. BFF Entertainment, in conjunction with the American Freedom Foundation, has created the BFF bracelet as a way to directly connect American citizens with military personnel overseas. These matching friendship bracelets create a pen pal connection, giving the military buddy a link to home. After purchasing the bracelet, buyers can register it online to be connected to a soldier who will receive and wear an identical bracelet. 25% of the purchase price goes directly to the American Freedom Foundation to support our veterans.
To join the initiative:
Buy bracelet for $10 at http://bff.tv
Register the unique engraved number found on your bracelet
A bracelet with an identical engraved number will be sent to yout new “Best Armed Forces Friend.”
Its a great cause and we encourage all of our readers to get involved and support our troops!

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