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Jay Cutler is
on the Defensive!

Since the news came out that Kristin Cavallari was expecting her first child with fiancé Jay Cutler, some of their fans haven’t been so supportive.

Of course, we’re sure much of the criticism comes from Team K-Cav, who haven’t forgotten that the Chicago Bears quarterback suddenly called off their first engagement last summer.

But over the fall the pair reunited, and earlier this week expressed their joy over their expanding family.

Still, it seems like the naysayers may have ruffled Cutler’s feathers. The ball player took to Twitter to express himself, writing:

“Thanks for all the tweets. We couldn’t be more excited. We don’t usually comment on our relationship but for the record I never broke up with Kristin. Its unfortunate some people are saying hurtful things during such a joyous moment in our life.”

Hmmm. Well, we know this statement isn’t meant to imply that the pair never split. We all know they did. Perhaps Cutler just means their split was a mutual decision.

Whatever the case, we wish them all the best!

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