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Jennifer Aniston's
$450,000 Purchase

Jennifer Aniston had quite the night out at Christie’s! The actress who has recently been seen around NYC with boyfriend, Justin Theroux, attended the Charity event “Artists for Haiti” this weekend where she took home a piece from artist Glenn Ligon. The work is called “Stranger #44,” and is a 72″ by 60″ abstract 2011 painting of oil, charcoal and graphite on canvas. A rep for the Artists of Haiti confirms that Aniston spent $450,000 on this work of art and “clapped enthusiastically” when Theroux won the bid for her. The event was co-organized by Ben Stiller and raised $13,662,000 for the charity.

Congratulations, Jen! Although we think it’s a little much for a painting, it went to a great cause!

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