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Jennifer & Justin Play
it Cool at Wanderlust Premiere!

Last night was the premiere of Jennifer Aniston’s new flick Wanderlust in Los Angeles.

Once reporters found out whom the star was wearing (Tom Ford) for the big event, all eyes were on her co-star beau Justin Theroux.

Unfortunately, Jennifer didn’t give the people what they wanted.

The actress took pics with co-stars Paul Rudd, Kathryn Hahn and Malin Akerman, even producer Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann. But she managed to keep her distance from Justin, and avoided taking any snaps with him all night.

And Theroux followed suit. The actor only appeared briefly on the red carpet, posing for some solo shots and a few pictures with Rudd.

This obvious avoidance tactic got us wondering if everything was okay between the two lovebirds.

But then we got our answer!

Both Jennifer and Justin were wearing “name” rings on their left hand. No, it’s not a diamond, but these matching gold bands worn on their wedding ring finger definitely mean something special to the couple.

Who knows?! Maybe we’ll be seeing a different kind of rock in the near future!

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