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Jennifer Lopez Takes
The Stage With Fiat

Was this marketing genius or over-load?

One of the most memorable moments of the night was Jennifer Lopez’ performance. Not only because her attire kept getting more sparkly, and ..smaller.., but her endorsement with Fiat took over the stage. As most have seen if you watch television, at all, JLo is the face of Fiat cars and her commercials frequently hit prime-time TV spots.

During her AMA performance last night which also starred Pit Bull (he later performed with JLo’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony!), the Fiat emerged on stage and took part in a scene of Jennifer’s performance. Now, we’re sure Jennifer received a nice check from Fiat to endorse the brand but did they need to go all the way to her performance during the AMA’s?? It seems a little much, if you ask us!

However, Lopez did not disappoint when it came to entertaining. As always, she lit up the stage and showed that she truly deserved to win Favorite Latin Artist! Check out the clip below.

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