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Jennifer Lopez's
Emotional Performance

Jennifer Lopez let her emotions get the best of her during a performance this weekend at the Mohegan Sun Casino’s 15th anniversary celebration in Connecticut. Lopez, who recently split with husband Marc Anthony this year, sang a set that began with “If You Had My Love” and ran into “One Love”, which is when it began to get emotional.

During “One Love”, back up dancers paired on stage resembling all of the men previously in Lopez’s life: Ben Affleck, Chris Judd, Diddy, and Marc Anthony. “A little trip down memory lane, huh?,” she asked the crowd. According to reports, Lopez began to cry and left the stage. However, the show must go on and she returned for a strong finish with “Let’s Get Loud” and “On the Floor.”

Access Hollywood caught up with Lopez after the show and this is what she had to say of her performance, “After I sang the song, I’m standing there, and I realized that I did bare a little bit of my thoughts in this song. I also acted it out, kind of, for the audience. The way they received it was very touching.”

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