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Jersey Shore Recap:
A Cheesy Situation

She’s Back…Sammi that is, and Ronnie has never looked more terrified.
The girls are excited, the guys are slightly depressed. There’s only one thing to do…drink. That night, the whole crew hits up Karma for some serious fist pumping. At Karma, Ronnie follows Sam around the club like a stray dog. And although, Sam isn’t taking the bait just yet – it’s clear that this couple is ANYTHING but DONE. She just want him to suffer a little longer..like she did.

The rest of the episode belongs to Vinny, a toilet and some smelly cheese. Gross.

THE TOILET: It must be at least the fourth episode that we’ve had to suffer the trauma of the broken toilet in Vinny’s bathroom. Just thinking about it makes us wanna gag. Jenni finally has the common sense to call a plumber who comes the next day and retrieves a BLEEP–ed piece of clothing from the toilet. We pray this is the last we have to hear about this bathroom — we can’t take any more!

THE CHEESE: The Situation was pretty clever when he had a cab drive Snooki and Deena to NYC rather then a the local bar in last weeks episode. But you know what they say about pay-back! Snooki (with the aid of Sam & Ron) got even by covering the Sitch’s bedroom mattress in cream cheese and grated cheese.

Sure enough, that night he comes home with his latest grenade, gives her the standard issue uniform (pajamas) and heads to bed. Turns out, he thinks it’s his gal that smells, and eventually sends her packing. But not before Jenni gives him some basic Sex Ed 101, and lets him know that he probably contracted an STD. Ouch.

VINNY: That brings us to Vinny and Snooki. I’m kind of rooting for this reality duo to get together. Vinny seems like a decent guy, and he and Snooki seem to have a genuine friendship. It’s for that very reason, we’ll never see them get together. Afterall, it took Ross and Rachel 10 Seasons. That’s probably why Snooki spent the entire episode in tears. She likes Vinny, and Vinny brought home another girl. Never say Never, but it’s not their time just yet.

What do you think? Should Snooki and Vinny get together?

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