Shore Recap

The Jersey Shore premiere was last night on MTV and not only did it bring in the ratings, it set the season up perfectly for loads of drama and fist pumping! Check out the recap below of when the Seaside crew took on Italy.

First, let’s say that we saw the Situation falling for Snooki this whole time and now – an ocean away from their homebase- the Situation finally admits that he may be falling for the little guidette! Snooki has a boyfriend back in the United States but that didn’t stop the Situation from saying how he’s hooked up with Snooki multiple times and once while she was with her significant other.

It’s not like the Situation to leave a situation like that alone so, of course, he stirs the drama pot and tries to plant one on Snooks while they’re out at a club. Yikes!

Other than that:

– Pauly D and Deena sure got at it in the club which makes us believe there will be more of that between those two this season

– The girls learned that outlets are scarce in Italy and the kitchen is the most suitable place to get ready – but remember to not burn your hair off while straightening it!

– The birds will NOT leave you alone and are NOT scared of people

– Vinny is the main man as he is the only guy in the group that speaks Italian. Meaning: Pauly D, Mike, and Ronnies saving grace for picking up girls

– The cast was not briefed on Italian road signs. Who would have thought THAT would be necessary?

– Oh, Ronnie and Sammie.. “Seriously, I’m done.” Need we say more?

Tune in next week for round 2 of the Jersey Shore Takes Italy!

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