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Jessica Simpson’s Baby Not
Pulling in the Bucks!

Jessica Simpson’s baby isn’t due until the spring, but that doesn’t mean her little one shouldn’t be pulling in the big bucks, right?! After all, celebs’ selling their baby’s first photos to the media has become a major money-maker for expectant parents! JLO was said to have made $6 million for pics of her twins and Nicole Richie got $1 million for first photos of her little girl! But some sources are saying Jessica Simpson shouldn’t expect to make bank off baby #1.

Cooper Lawrenece, author of “Cult of Celebrity”, said “Jessica isn’t as relevant as she used to be. She’s making shoes now. Her baby daddy [fiancé Eric Johnson] isn’t famous enough for anyone who doesn’t know her personally to care, and the trend of celebrity baby photos is done for the consumer as well. Let us know if when the kid is 10 it has its first kiss with Mason Kardashian. Then we’ll talk.”

Although Simpson has said she thinks she’s having a girl, Eric thinks it’s a boy! Reportedly the couple will find out the sex of their baby this week. No word yet on whether the fashion mogul plans to share the news once she finds out!

We’ll keep you posted!

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