Keep Swimming

Cannonball!!! Swimming has many benefits that often go unnoticed. One advantage to the sport is that it is low-impact, but don’t expect an easy workout. Water is about 12 times as dense as air, and the resistance helps to increase muscular strength and tone you. Swimming is an aerobic exercise, and therefore is strengthens and increases efficiency of the heart. Even flexibility is improved, because with every stroke you extend and stretch your body forward. Additionally, asthma symptoms can be reduced, as swimming helps to strengthen the lungs and their air capacity. Not only can cholesterol be improved and the risk of diabetes be lowered, but swimming can make you happy because the brain releases endorphins!

As a general rule, for every 10 minutes of swimming:

Breaststroke burns 60 calories

Backstroke burns 80 calories

Freestyle burns 100 calories

Butterfly stroke burns 150

One way to give your workout a punch is to incorporate intervals of short bursts of speed (and then recovery time).

So, grab a swim cap (and a friend) and make some waves!

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