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Justin and
Selena's Date Night

We all know Justin Bieber can sing about being romantic, but is he really? After what we heard, yes!

Bieber surprised his leading lady, Selena Gomez, this weekend with one date night she’ll never forget. The couple spent the day on the beach and attended their friend, Demi Lovato’s, concert which seems like an amazing day already. Leave it up to Bieber to take it to the next level.

According to sources, Bieber “rented” out the Staples Center just for Selena. Now, the Staples Center management apparently gave it to Justin for the night for free considering he sold out multiple concerts there already, but that’s still a great date idea! The two watched Titanic in a full arena, all by themselves.

Bieber tweeted Friday night, “Romance isn’t dead,” and “Treat your lady right fellas.”

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