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Justin Bieber
Paternity Suit Dropped!

Oh Baby! It’s been two weeks since 20 year old Mariah Yeater filed a lawsuit claiming that Justin Bieber was the father of her 4 month old baby but it looks like the dramz is over.

According to TMZ , Yeater has quietly dismissed the lawsuit against the pop star.

Yeater claimed the two meet at one of his shows in Los Angeles, and they shared a brief encounter that lead to her pregnancy. She said the Biebs was her baby’s daddy and she wanted him to take a paternity test to prove it.

JB denied the whole thing, saying he never even met the woman. The “Baby” singer said he was prepared to take a DNA test and was going to sue Yeater for making this whole ridic story up.

Well, we guess that was enough to scare Yeater & her team back to reality.

TMZ is reporting the paternity was dismissed late last week, and Yeater’s lawyers have quit representing her for good.

Now that this mess has ended, will JB still proceed with this lawsuit?

Let’s see!

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