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Kate and
William's Canadian Fun

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been having some fun in Canada this week as they participate in activities including boat racing, planting and hockey.

The couple competed against each other in a friendly boat racing competition with local young athletes on Prince Edward’s Island. Unfortunately, Kate’s team couldn’t seal the deal as Prince William’s crew came in first.

Above, William and Kate plant the Eastern Hemlock tree at the 2011 Royal Tour Ceremonial Tree Planting event at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

Kate watches her husband take a shot at street hockey at Somba K’e Civic Plaza in the capital of the Northwest Territories. When chants began to get the Duchess to try her skills, she replied to a teen “I would have taken a shot if I wasn’t in heels.” How ladylike!

This is one busy couple! Luckily, the two have snuck away for alone time on two different occasions. The first was on Canada Day in which William and Kate rowed across the lake to a log cabin for a four hour picnice. Today, the couple visited a local spot called “Honeymoon Island” for three hours of solitude. Just enough time before the next big event!

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