Kendra: Baby
No. 2?

Not so fast. Although Kendra and husband, Hank Baskett, so want a sibling for their son, Hank, they want to wait just a little bit longer. According to PEOPLE, Kendra wishes to “hold off a little longer” for baby No. 2 and isn’t going to let the aftermath of her first baby happen again. Wilkinson suffered post-partum depression and poor body image after she had Hank and seems to now have things handled!

I will take what happened and learn from it,” she says about those ocstacles she faced. “The difference will be that we have a home now. Before, we were bouncing around the United States, so it was really difficult to feel at home and to feel rested and everything. I think the second time around will be much better.”

With Hank being so cute and having such good-looking parents, we can’t wait for baby No. 2!

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